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A photo of our founder, warren nakupuna ah loo on the our story page.

Our Founder

The Nakupuna Foundation is named in honor of Warren Nakupuna Ah Loo.

After more than 30 years in public service, Warren was inspired to build an organization that would continue his commitment to service and directly benefit his beloved Native Hawaiian community. He did this through the establishment of a Native Hawaiian Organization owned 8(a) small business. This designation brought with it new opportunities to serve commercial and government clients while making tangible investments to support Native Hawaiians through scholarships, mentorship, and philanthropy.

Unfortunately, Warren passed away shortly before his 68th birthday. But thanks to his enduring spirit, his dream is alive and well in the form of the Nakupuna Foundation and its companies. Every day, by providing outstanding services to our customers and contributing to the betterment of Native Hawaiians, our companies serve as a testament to Warren’s belief that we all can make a positive impact on the world.

Nakupuna foundation color logo

Our Name

Like many words in the Hawaiian language, “Kupuna” has multiple meanings.

Kupuna is often used to represent the ancestors and generations before us who, by their spiritual wisdom and presence, guide us through daily life. Kupuna also means the source or starting point of growth. In honor of Warren and his passion to continuously increase his impact on the Native Hawaiian community, we embrace both meanings.

Our Logo

The Nakupuna sail is inspired by the spirit of the original inhabitants of Hawaii,

whose sense of adventure and ingenuity led them to sail throughout the Pacific Ocean aboard their voyaging canoes. Their successful long-distance journeys were the product of Polynesian intellect and self-confidence, and are proof that amazing things are possible through hard work and perseverance. The Nakupuna sail is a symbol that connects our present to our past, and represents our will not just to survive, but to thrive.  
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Learn About Our Purpose Our Leadership
Learn About Our Purpose Our Leadership